Active Military Tuition Discount

The Wayne State University Board of Governors has approved a 50% Active Military Tuition Discount effective Fall 2018.


We are still working out all the details as this was just recently approved and will update this site as changes occur.


This program is the most expansive tuition benefit program for currently serving military personnel students offered by any four-year institution in Michigan. It is designed for individuals in any state who are on active duty in any component of the U.S. Armed Forces, including the Reserves and National Guard.  This discount was designed with your Tuition Assistance benefits in mind and will significantly reduce your Cost of Attendance at Wayne State University.

*Note: This is a "tuition only" discount that is applicable to all programs except for Law and Medicine. 


You must be "currently serving" in any component of the U.S. Armed Forces, including Reserves and National Guard, on the first day of classes for the current term.

Proof of Eligibility

Your most recent LES will serve as proof that you are "currently serving" on the first day of classes for the current term and can be found 24 hours a day on myPay.  The start date of the semester you are requesting a discount must fall between your "Pay Date" and your "ETS Date". (See example below)


You must request this discount and provide updated proof of eligibility each semester that you are registering for classes.

You may not use this discount with any other Wayne State University discount that you qualify for.  The Registrar's Office will determine which tuition discount will be most advantageous for the service member.

Service members in the Law School and School of Medicine do not qualify.

Request Active Military Tuition Discount

Once you are registered for classes, use this link to submit a request for a discount.

Active Military Discount Request Form

Military Discount