Wayne State University

Military Tuition Assistance

Notice: Federal tuition assistance is distinct from all other veteran affairs education benefits and financial aid. Federal tuition assistance recipients should first contact their respective education service officer to seek approval prior to registering for classes.

Federal Tuition Assistance (FTA)

If you have not already sent your application through the proper DOD channel, click on the appropriate link to your service:

Need help?

If so, please contact your unit's education officer for assistance.

If you have completed your application, please save a copy of your authorization/voucher as a pdf file and click the following link to fill out your Request for FTA Certification form:

FTA Certification

Michigan State Tuition Assistance (MINGSTAP)

If you have not already sent in your application to the State of Michigan for this benefit, click the following link: https://mingstapapp.state.mi.us/

Need help?

If you need help with this application: https://mingstapapp.state.mi.us/Member/STAP_Contact

Once your application is complete and has been sent to the State each semester, please click here to fill out your Request for MINGSTAP Certification Form: 

MINGSTAP Certification