Work-study programs

VA Work Study FAQ



Who is Eligible



To receive VA Work-study benefits, the student must be receiving benefits under one of the following education programs

Who Qualifies for VA Work Study





The student MUST be at least a three-quarter time student in a VA approved school. If a question should arise whether a school is VA approved, call 1-888-442-4551 and speak to an education representative.

Download Va Work Study Application



First, the student should find a work site and determine if an opening exists for work-study. Next, the supervisor at the work site must be willing to hire the student. If the supervisor agrees to hire the student, have the student complete a VA Form 22-8691, Application for Work-study Allowance plus a Position/Job Description form. Both forms are contained in this document. 

If a student does not know of a work site, they may call the VA Regional office at1-888-442-4551 and ask to be transferred to work-study desk. We will help the student to locate a site within a close proximity.

Rate of Payment



In return for the student's agreement to perform services for VA totaling, for example, 250 hours during an enrollment period, VA will pay an allowance in an amount equal to the prevailing Federal or State minimum wage, whichever is higher (MI =$9.45), times 250. VA will pay proportionately less to students who agree to perform a lesser number of hours of services. Advance payment will be limited to the amount that would be paid for the first 50 hours of each work-study contract, or 40% of the amount of the total contract, whichever is the lesser. Thereafter, payments are made in arrears for each increment of 50 hours of service performed.

Type of Work



Students must be assigned tasks that will permit them to perform  100% VA related activities. Work-study sites include, but are not limited to, Department of Veterans Affairs offices, National Cemeteries, VA Medical Centers, Veteran Clinics, educational institutions and Department of Labor offices.