Academic probation

If you are on probation, it is strongly recommended that you contact the University Advising Center, the Study Skills Center (located in the David Adamany Undergraduate Library), and/or your academic advisor. The Undergraduate Advising Center can provide students with a complete counseling and tutorial program. The service is provided by professionals at no charge. The scheduling is flexible, and it covers all areas of study. If personal matters are interfering with your studies, you may also contact Counseling and Psychological Services.

The Gadson OMVAE is required by federal law to compare each student's progress with the University's progress standards. The law requires that educational assistance benefits to veterans and other eligible persons be discontinued when the student cease to make satisfactory progress towards completion of his or her educational training objective.

If University records indicate that your cumulative honor point average is below the level necessary for good academic standing, you may be sent a "Notice of Probationary Certification."

The probationary period allowed is two academic semesters. Extensions are limited to two consecutive semesters. At the end of the two semesters, the Gadson OMVAE must again monitor both your term honor point average and your cumulative honor point average. If your HPA reaches 2.0 for undergrads and 3.0 for grads within the two semesters, you will be taken off probation and continue to receive benefits. If you do not improve your cumulative HPA to the necessary level, and if your term GPA is below the minimum necessary for satisfactory academic progress, the VA will be notified and your benefits will most likely be terminated. Should this occur, the restoration of your benefits will depend upon a determination by the Department of Veterans Affairs on whether or not you qualify. Contact the Gadson OMVAE School Certifying Official for more information on reinstating your benefits.