75 Years of Veteran Support ServicesOur mission

We are dedicated to providing high quality and comprehensive student veteran support in an environment that fosters respect, commitment, and academic excellence. We provide direct and liaison services for all education and administrative matters pertaining to our student veterans, their families, and the military community at large.

Using your VA benefits at Wayne State

1.Meet with your Academic Advisor

  • Get a signed Plan of Work
  • Get registered for classes

2.Provide the VA School Certifying Official

  • A copy of your Certificate of Eligibility (all others)
  • VA FM 28-1905 (Voc Rehab)

3.Complete online forms

  • Veterans Admissions Agreements
  • VA Certification Request

Use your benefits now

Ryan Sieja, USMC

For those of us who have served in the military, life experiences in teamwork, camaraderie and the pursuit of excellence have been established and are mutually shared. I, along with numerous other veterans, have found the opportunity to continue to serve while using these qualities toward our shared mission of academic success at Wayne State University.

— Ryan Sieja, USMC